Welcome to Ocean Spa & Tropic Spa.
Tropic & Ocean Spa is an idyllic City Spa presenting for ultimate pleasure and indulgence, located in the heart of tourism area Nusa Dua.

The Spa service are miraculously by our highly trained therapists. We combine best of the best product from the Indonesian Archipelago. Recipes such as Frangipani body lotion, varieties massage oil are combined with the traditional exotic body scrubs, exotic herbs, tropical flowers and fruits, etc.

“A place with water of life”

Tropic and Ocean Spa is a place where people go for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The Spas feature an interesting and exciting array of traditional and unique treatments. We providing an ultimate indulgence by gracious staff in a Balinese culture combine by minimalist room setting, fresh air, and natural atmosphere surrounding.

Address: (BTDC) Bali Collection, Blok A17 #2-3, A3 #4-5, A19 #1.


Reservation: (0361) 778911, 770220,775115
Fax number: (0361) 778934
Tropic Spa at Tanjung Benoa ( In front of Grand Mirage Hotel )
Contact number: (0361) 774084
Free transportation for nusa dua area